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The Center for Women

The Center for Women is a thirty bed residential facility for women who are still incarcerated and serving out the final years of their prison sentences. Opening in 1987 as a contract work release program, the Center was created to help women successfully transition from prison to their family and community while upholding the standards of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety. In the last 28 years, 87% of the residents have successfully reentered their family and community.

Program Services

Programs offered address factors that contribute to increased risk of criminal involvement. All residents at the Center for Women:

Work Release

Residents at the Center for Women are given a variety of different opportunities that those in a traditional prison environment do not get. When a woman arrives at the facility, she is put on track to gain employment in the community. We believe that this is the most vital key to success upon reentry. Employment provides a sense of self-worth and further, makes sure that no woman leaves the facility broke.

Resident Earnings (FY17)

Residents worked a variety of different jobs during the 2017 fiscal year. The bulk were in food service positions, but women also worked as landscaping assistants, office managers, call center representatives, and more. Think about this the next time you are out and about. Without knowing it, you may encounter a formerly incarcerated woman in your day-to-day activities who is actively working to contribute to her community and improve her life.

Criteria for Participation

The North Carolina Department of Public safety maintains that, in order to be considered for the program, inmates must: