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Many nonprofits rely on volunteers to help them make the community a better place for all. The Center for Community Transitions is no different. We need your help to expand our network of change and care. Please consider putting your time and talents to good use through the Center for Community Transitions, and work with us to build people not prisons.

Please take a look at the opportunities listed below and see if there is something there that might fit for you. If you find something or know of something we did not list that you can do to help, please click on the volunteer application and submit it to the appropriate person in a program listed below.

Volunteer Process

Volunteer Opportunities


Contact: Erik Ortega P.704-374-0762

Celebration Teams

Come help us celebrate the accomplishments of our clients. Cheer them on every other Friday when graduation occurs, and on a Thursday afternoon once per month when they graduate from the soft skills, Working Smart class. Bring light refreshments (cookies and lemonade) and mingle with clients as they celebrate completing the program.

Classroom Associates

Be a part of our team as we lead clients through exercises and information to help them prepare to look for work and to be successful on the job. Assist instructors with preparation, classroom set up, greeting and chatting with clients, participate in classroom activities, and assist them as they work each step to complete the program. Classroom Associates are needed every day from 8 am to noon and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 1 pm to 4 pm.

Intake Associates

Many times clients call to get connected and must wait for weeks to enter the program. Intake Associates will meet with clients by appointment in our office and will start the process before the class begins. Get to know clients, help them complete intake, determine immediate needs and make referrals to community resources to help stabilize them before starting class. Intake Associates will make weekly follow up calls to check in on clients, and help keep them engaged until clients can get into class and encourage and support them in the following weeks. Intake Associates are needed from 9 am to noon, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays.

Afternoon Receptionist

Be the face of LifeWorks! in the afternoon! Answer phones, direct clients, assist with paperwork, schedule people for classes, etc. We are looking for someone who has a good phone voice, modest computer skills, and is organized. We are desperate for an afternoon receptionist, come help us out one day a week from noon to 4 pm, Mondays through Thursdays.


Contact: Charis Blackmon P. 704-494-0450 x.13 F. 704-494-8675 F. 704-494-8675

Group Volunteer Project- Third Tuesdays

Each Third Tuesday FDT provides a family gathering including a light, yet balance dinner. Groups can prepare activities for the night, provide and serve dinner, help families sign in and provide information, have dinner with a family, lead activities, and help us clean up after. This is a wonderful volunteer project for a group of caring adults. We have a detailed description of this project, contact Charis Blackmon at at for full details. Do this once a year and everyone walks away feeling a fullness of spirit.

Letter writer

Write the incarcerated parent about ways to improve communication with their family and especially their children. Use an agency brochure to find exercises inmate parents can share with their children to start rebuilding those relationships prior to coming home. Encourage and challenge parents to think through reunification plans as well as expectations and challenges of rejoining the family. Training and guidelines will be provided.

Office Assistant

Spend some time helping with the many duties that arise when helping families, leading school based support groups, preparing for Third Tuesdays, responding to request, etc. And in just one morning a week you will see the difference in how your time and talents will help families feel a little lighter, and the staff be able to accomplish more.

Support Group Assistants

Assist the EKWIP facilitator with the 45-minutes groups offered in identified schools. Engage the children in the learning objectives, through conversation and activities. The EKWIP Facilitator will bring all the items needed and lead the group through the weekly program. Support groups are 8 weeks in duration and each group is 45-minutes. People who want to volunteer in this role must meet the volunteer standards of CMS.


You might have a talent that we could use to provide entertainment during some of our Third Tuesday events, when we have family day at the Center for Women, for our Spring Fling event where we thank volunteers, at Christmas, Thanksgiving or the Back In Style-Back to School event. We encourage musicians, magicians, singers, drumming, carnival-like booths, clowns, mimes, storytellers, artists and clean comedians to help us out.


Contact: Kim HaileyP. 704-494-0001 F. 704-494-8675

There are many on site volunteer opportunities, some are listed below, but there are many others and some we may not have even thought of yet! Please feel free to ask the volunteer coordinator about anything you may be able to share with the residents that would be fun, interesting and could help them in their transition. Share anything you think would help to support the facility or the agency.

Library Assistant

Help us maintain the order of the library, rotate books, prepare notices of new books, assist residents with building computer skills and completing homework.


The Center for Women has a large area for an annual garden. Volunteers are needed to help us get it set up and ready each year for vegetables and herbs. We are also interested in a vertical strawberry garden along the fence line using kiln-dried pallets. Anyone interested in helping us get a garden ready for planting and for working with the women to maintain it are welcome.

Cooking Classes

Do you have a specialty? It could be pie baking, healthy versions of old favorites, roasting, grilling, French cooking, Spanish cooking, Asian flavors, etc. Schedule a cooking class, let us know what you will need (within our budget) and we will have everything ready for you to teach residents something new in the kitchen.


Do you bead? Can you teach techniques you have learned. The Center for Women has a jewelry program, teach shambala techniques, peyote stitch, hand knotted closures, etc. We have beads, leather, hemp, even kumihimo. Come teach a technique or schedule a beading session to just have fun.

Book Club

Would you like to facilitate a book club with the women at the Center, encourage a “community” (our community) book read with discussion groups. There are so many books that would be a good fit for the Center. If you enjoy this kind of thing, it would be a great activity.


Teach simple sewing techniques by making aprons, simple backpacks, pillow cases, etc. We have two workable sewing machines for such a project. Groups have also brought in additional machines and tutors for a 1:1 lesson.

Become an Off Site Sponsor

Once you have volunteered on site and have become comfortable with the program, residents, rules and guidelines you may consider becoming an off-site volunteer sponsor. Simply let the volunteer coordinator know of your interest. Activities off-site sponsors have participated in include taking residents to church, shopping, to free or low cost community events, AA/NA meetings, job interviews, transition activities such as finding a place to live, etc.



We can always use office help, answering phones, filing, organizing, assist with mailings, follow up phone calls, reminder calls, etc.

Graphic Arts

Talented artists are needed to help make materials relevant and current. Graphic artists can help with visual display of information, layout and design of mailings, and on line communications.