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Welcome to the Center for Community Transitions (CCT)

The Center for Community Transitions (CCT) is a nonprofit organization in Charlotte, North Carolina. We help people with criminal records and their families find healthier and more productive ways of living.

We do this through…

Family Support

When a person is incarcerated their family is affected too, so we have programs dedicated to assisting families and children with loved ones who are in jail or prison. These programs include our flagship in-school support group: Empowering Kids With Incarcerated Parents (EKWIP).

Reentry Support

We provide a wide variety of programming for those who are returning to our community from jail or prison. We provide the tools needed to overcome barriers to employment, housing, and more.

Community Advocacy

Unfortunately, in our community, state, and nation, a person’s sentence does not end when they are finished serving time. Our society has many barriers to successful reentry including employment, housing, and social activities. At CCT we work hard to educate and engage with leaders in our community to knock down some of those barriers.

Lifeworks! provides individuals with criminal records with a variety of resources and tools necessary to reach their professional and personal goals.

Families Doing Time serves families who are dealing with the effects of having a loved one incarcerated.

Ccenter for Women Program

The Center for Women is a thirty bed residential facility for women who are still incarcerated and serving out the final years of their prison sentences.

Families Doing Time kids head to Dan Nichols Park for gems, animals and fun

Families Doing Time kids head to Dan Nichols Park for gems, animals and fun


Myra Clark talks Second Chances on BofA’s Neighborhood Builders panel

Back in Style event 2019

200+ turn out for Back in Style event

Common Wealth Charlotte Workshop

November 14 @ 8:45 am - 10:30 am

Common Wealth Charlotte is a Non-profit agency that facilitates an hour and a half class on financial literacy and credit maintenance. Participants can benefit from…

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LifeWorks! Employment Readiness Graduation

November 15 @ 9:30 am - 11:00 am

The Lifeworks! Program provides clients with the opportunity to acknowledge their accomplishments of completing the program.  Clients are welcomed to invite guests to see them…

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