“(CCT) taught me how to embrace my criminal background, and when I say embrace it, I mean don’t be ashamed of it, learn how to work around it. Explain, ‘This is what it was. That was then and this is now. That has no bearing on where I’m trying to go today. A lot of people be embarrassed. You have to explain your criminal background. That’s embarrassing. They taught me how to embrace that and don’t be ashamed. That was my past. Make a bigger future, that’s what it taught me.”

Former client Ebony, 48, in an interview with Queen City Nerve on her pathway home.

Ebony was incarcerated for 10 years on drug trafficking charges. She spent two years at the Center for Women and graduated from our LifeWorks! program. Ebony is thriving since her release in 2019 and runs her own transportation business. Read more and watch her second chance success story.

Welcome to the Center for Community Transitions (CCT)

We’re a Charlotte, NC-based nonprofit organization founded in 1974 to help strengthen the community and reduce recidivism by providing people with criminal records and their families tools and resources to rebuild their lives.

Our work centers on helping clients identify healthy and productive ways of living and successful reentry through employment and transition services, financial stability, alternatives to incarceration, restoring and supporting family bonds and advocacy


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Families and Children

Incarceration doesn’t just affect those serving time in jail or prison; it also affects their loved ones. Social and emotional support and resource access for caregivers and children help build family stability, reduce isolation and stress, and increase healthy development. 

Formerly Incarcerated Individuals

At least 95% of the men and women incarcerated in NC will be released. To prepare for successful reentry into their communities, they need tools and resources to overcome significant barriers to employment, housing and social activities.  

Second Chance Employers

When people with criminal records have employment and career opportunities, it expands NC’s talent pool and makes our workforce stronger. More local companies and businesses are benefiting from hiring former offenders and giving them a second chance. 

LifeWorks! helps people with criminal records reach their professional and personal goals by providing them assistance with employment readiness, job searches, networking, community referrals, career development, coaching, resume writing and transportation.

Our Families Doing Time program assists families and children with loved ones who are in jail or prison. Our continuum of services includes family events, in-school support groups, connections to resources and training for professionals.

Ccenter for Women Program

The Center for Women is a 30-bed residential facility and reentry program for incarcerated women who are serving out the final years of their prison sentences. We assist women with transition planning, employment, family reunification, housing and other needs.

Reflections and Resilience: A Year in Review

Reflections and Resilience: A Year in Review

Families Doing Time Artwork

Families Doing Time Program Serves Children and Families


How a Center for Women Resident Beat the Odds

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