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Families Doing Time

I found a place where I could talk freely about what I was feeling and not feel judged since my husband went to prison.


Bernard jumped on me, yelled at me and has thrown things at me since his mom has gone to jail. He needed skills to help him cope with his feelings. Since EKWIP, Bernard’s behavior and anger has improved greatly.

-Teacher at Winterfield Elementary

Why We Serve

  • Over 5 million children in the US have experienced the incarceration of a parent
  • Since the 1980s, the rate of children with incarcerated mothers increased 100%, and the rate of those with incarcerated fathers increased more than 75%.
  • Half of incarcerated people in the US are parents of minor children who are under age 18

Parental incarceration has been classified as a particularly stigmatizing Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE), disproportionately impacting children of color and children in poverty.

How We Serve

Empowering Kids with Incarcerated Parents (EKWIP)

We support children who have experienced the incarceration or deportation of a parent or loved one through school-based and afterschool support groups. Hosted during the school day in partnership with participating CMS schools or after school in partnership with Newell Presbyterian Church, EKWIP provides children with a safe place to build character, develop coping skills, improve academic readiness, and find encouragement.

Third Tuesday

We build community by hosting monthly family gatherings from September to May. Third Tuesday offers families resources and social emotional support to strengthen families and decrease social isolation. Families enjoy a night of bonding, arts and culture, great food, community building, and family-friendly fun.

Enrichment Institute

We improve access to extra-curricular enrichment opportunities for both our child and adult clients. Enrichment Institute is comprised of quarterly cultural excursions; a hands-on, dynamic workshop series; and a family-based academic enrichment program. Each of these opportunities are provided at no cost to our client families.

Family Support

We stabilize families by connecting them with the resources they need to thrive. From food, furniture, and household supplies to summer learning opportunities and family reunification assistance, we meet our families where they are. In-house support is also offered through our Summer Lunch Program and Caregiver Support Group. Intake appointments are scheduled with each of our client families to determine how we can be of the most support.

Community Outreach

We advocate for change by increasing our community’s capacity to understand and serve justice-involved families. Educational presentations for partnered schools and community agencies, universities, communities of faith, local health fairs, and social reform groups help destigmatize and center our families' humanity and experiences.


Office Location

Newell Presbyterian Church Education Building
1500 Rocky River Road, West
Charlotte, NC 28213
(704) 910-6387

Program Director:
Dr. Kim Sexton-Lewter

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