CCT?s LifeWorks! Program Offers Hope, Healing

One Monday afternoon, Tyrone sat across the desk from LifeWorks! director, Erik Ortega. Erik, keenly aware that Tyrone was under significant duress, listened intently as he shared his heartbreaking story of personal loss.

Tyrone?s sister was killed the weekend after Thanksgiving ? this was his second sister to lose her life tragically at the hands of another. This Monday afternoon, Tyrone is hurting, he?s outraged, he?s thinking about retaliating, and he has the means to take matters into his own hands. Yet, he came to CCT because he needed someone to listen, trust, and care.

Highly trained in crisis management, Erik allowed Tyrone to share it all ? with no judgment, no fix it advice, no ?shoulds?, no interruptions.

The emotional conversation carefully turned to Tyrone?s personal goals. He talked about wanting to move forward ? to turn his negative energy around, to step into a life he has never known but one that he envisions daily as a participant in the LifeWorks! program.hopehealing

One Monday afternoon, Tyrone visited LifeWorks! instead of setting on a destructive path. ?With a renewed sense of purpose, he enrolled in the next Working Smart career development course. ?Now, Tyrone is moving responsibly through his grief and loss while working to rebuild his life.

Our programs are funded in part by donations like yours. Without your generosity, LifeWorks! would not exist. As we approach a new year, we hope you?ll help people like Tyrone turn over a new leaf by donating to CCT.