Home for the Holidays


Imagine the Joy of a Child whose parent is home for the holidays for the first time in years. For some of our clients this is a reality, for others that moment is a distant thought.

This year we ask that you give our clients a piece of

?Home for the Holidays?

Here at CCT we are committed to creating pathways and opportunities that allow persons to experience positive, self-motivated change. ?Your gift supports our work in helping children cope, families reunite, and the restoration of broken relationships. ?Women and men that have been served by CCT:

  • Found and maintained employment with living wages
  • Developed social supports
  • Became more resilient
  • Discovered a new perspective for healthy living
  • Returned to their families as positive contributing members
  • Connected to helpful community resources

Being home for the holidays is a privilege that for most of us brings joy and excitement. For many of our clients this time of year is coupled with grief, sadness, and feelings of isolation. The memories of laughter, joy and celebration are tainted by the harsh reality of brokenness, hurt and lost time. ?

Your generosity directly helps our clients create a future in which they will know joy and fulfillment. Your contribution will bring happiness and cheer to families impacted by incarceration who would otherwise have very little to look forward to.

Consider the incredible story of CCT client, Ms. Mock. After completion of our program and with the help of others in the community, such as yourself, she was not only able to move into her own fully furnished home, but this year,?after years of spending Christmas yearning and dreaming to see the smile on her children?s faces, she will be spending Christmas with her children right by her side. This year she will begin to create a new joyous family narrative.

So please, help us as we work to help another person?s thought become a reality and find it in your heart to make a donation to The Center for Community Transitions by Friday, December 16th.

Your gift will brighten this Holiday Season for clients and families in need of hope.

Contributions at the given amounts will:

??????$25 purchase one copy of the Working Smart curriculum

??????$75 purchase work clothes and shoes for one ready-to-work client

??????$100 provide two incoming clients at the Women?s Facility ?New Start Packs?

??????$250 provide food at one Third Tuesday family support and fellowship event

Together, we can give our families ?a piece of home for the holidays.?