Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Soc Med

Families Doing Time

Contact Charis Blackmon, [email protected]

Toys for Tots volunteers are needed to sort and prepare toys for our client families. Additionally, we will need volunteers to assist on the day of distribution.

Caregiver Christmas Baskets:?We will need volunteers to assist with stuffing, wrapping, and delivering Christmas baskets to families during the holiday season.

Empowering Kids with Incarcerated Parents (EKWIP):?We will need assistance printing and binding EKWIP workbooks for these school-based support groups. Additionally, volunteers that are consistently available during school hours on weekdays are needed to serve as group assistants during EKWIP groups. A background check would be required for all potential group assistant volunteers.

Data Entry:?As we shift to a new data system, we will need volunteers to help with data entry.

Chaperones are needed to assist with our quarterly cultural excursions (Enrichment Institute) to be held in November, February, and April.


Contact Erik Ortega, [email protected]

Mock Interviews: Every Other Monday@?10:45 AM?&?Thursday?10:45 AM?(Schedule may vary with holidays) – Assist staff with conducting mock job interviews with clients participating in our employment readiness classes. Questions and evaluation tool will be provided and individual feedback from the experience is welcomed.

Resume Development:?Every other?Wednesday?@?10:45 AM?(schedule may vary with holidays) – Assist clients participating in the employment readiness program with the development/revision of their resume.

FRESH START Goal Setting: Schedule open but will need to be consistent – Assist clients with their goal setting and stability tracker – training will be provided.

Center for Women

Contact Nyeshia Carpenter, [email protected]

Community Volunteer Sponsors are needed to be trained to transport the women residents into the community for excursions to church and various other activities like shopping and entertainment, substance abuse meetings, etc.?Due to state regulations, volunteers must be female.

Skill building volunteers are needed to assist the women with school tutoring, computer training, resume writing, cover letter writing, etc.