WEF Gives Incarcerated Women the Gift of Education

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Education is a key component to successful reentry. A 2013 study found that education while incarcerated lowers recidivism by an average of 43% alone. More important that the statistics though, are the real stories of individuals who turn their lives around with the help of education. That’s why at CCT we make sure all of the incarcerated women at our Center for Women have the opportunity to pursue a college education should they choose.

On September 30, CCT held our annual fundraiser for our Women’s Education Fund. The fund covers tuition, books and other expenses for our Center for Women residents to attend college courses. Our fund covers the first in-person class and all online classes the women take while in residence. If the resident successfully completes the first course, our partner, the Sunshine Lady Foundation, covers all other in-person courses and expenses after that. Fund recipients have gone on to earn their Bachelor’s and even Master’s degrees. On of our most recent graduates, Ludenia Archie, who obtained her Bachelor’s in Human Services in May, spoke at this year’s event:

We are happy to report that this year our Women’s Education Tea was attended by more than 30 guests and we raised more than $1600 at the tea alone, enough to cover the first class at CPCC for 5 women. We were also given a $4000 grant by the Ross Foundation which allows us to cover expenses and online courses and tuition at more expensive colleges. THANK YOU to each and everyone of you who gave, you’ve made a real difference.