CCT Talks Second Chance Employment, Changing Criminal Justice Narratives with Queen City Nerve


Most of the criminal justice conversations in our community are about policing and law enforcement, not on reentry, transition and reducing recidivism. But all of these topics are connected because issues with police result in pathways to incarceration.  

In March, Executive Director Patrice Funderburg sat down with Queen City Nerve Editor Ryan Pitkin to talk about breaking down incarceration stigmas and changing the criminal justice narrative. Ryan also spoke for former CCT client Ebony Thomas Yakout, who spent two years at the Center for Women, graduated from our LifeWorks! Program and now runs her own transportation business.

His hours of research and interviews resulted in an editorial, article and a podcast covering everything from Ramona Bryant and our Second Chance Employment Summit, to human-first language and how COVID-19 affected our work release program. 

We thank Ryan and Queen City Nerve for this thoughtful and thorough coverage and encourage you to read and watch below.